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About Us

Residential building contractors in the Taupo region
Master builder & LBP certified

Our Specialties

Our Mission statement, we are:


We do what it takes to get a job done


We constantly strive to learn and be better


We always strive to win


We don’t make promises that we can’t keep

We live by our values and believe that who we are as a team directly reflects who we are as a company. For this very reason, we always strive to be the best version of our selves! For us this begins at the recruitment stage where we dig deep to try and find the kinds of people that reflect our core values as people and therefore as a company.

As registered master builders, we are passionate about adding value to our community through quality workmanship and creating great experiences for our clients. We operate under a customer centric philosophy. Every decision that we make is viewed through the lens of customer satisfaction.

We are extremely passionate about being of service in a way that adds value. We choose to adopt a growth mindset which enables us to always be working towards being the best company we can be. We see every challenge as a learning opportunity and an opportunity to get better!