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Custom New Build

We understand that building a home is a significant milestone for you and that trust is important. So here are some reasons why we think you can trust us with your dream!

Perhaps you have exhausted all of your options and have looked at all of the housing packages under the sun and you still can’t find the one that suits you best. You are a unique Human being and so your home should reflect this too! If you want to design something that suits you and has your unique twist we are here to help guide you through the process. We can help you with clarifying the process and helping you to understand that it’s not as daunting as you think! We can introduce you to an architect who can help get your ideas onto paper and get building consent. Once you have the design ready to go it’s no different to any other build. We can take it from here, cost the entire project for you, obtain building consent, coordinate the entire build and deliver the kind of home you deserve with no compromise!

New builds are all about systems. We have spent many years developing systems for the way we like to build to give you the best results. The good thing about starting from the ground up is that if you get each step right as you go it makes the next step so much easier. Our team of experienced master builders and tried and true subcontractors have the skill set required to deliver results every step of the way!
Getting a job done on time largely comes down to having a good project management skill set. It all comes down to coordination of subcontractors, building inspections, materials orders and making sure the right jobs are happening at the right time! You can rest assured that you will be in capable hands with the experience our team has!

One of the luxuries of a custom new build is that you have the freedom to make some changes as we go. This means no compromise and you can get a home built with your own twist just the way you like it. You are able to be involved every step of the way if this is important to you. You will have the opportunity to have your say and have more influence during the process.
Your home loan is a very important part of a successful build. We have developed a relationship with ‘New Build’ who are NZs only specialist construction lender. Through our partnership we can offer many benefits including turnkey finance options where you make no mortgage repayments until after you move in. There are also options for deposits as low as 5%. Conditions apply. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more or visit the website