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Our team of highly skilled Registered Master Builders have vast experience in the field of home renovation. Whether you are looking to do an extension, reshape your existing space or just upgrade within the spaces you already have then we are here to help! help! Are you looking for creative and custom Home Renovation solutions? We are ready to help you make your amazing ideas come true! At CG Building Solutions, our experts specialize in everything about the exterior of your home or business. Delivering the highest quality Home Renovation solutions in Taupo, NZ, we make sure to adhere to your budget. We never take our clients’ trust lightly because we have gained our reputation through hard work and dedication. We aim to provide you with the best possible results for your project. So get in touch with us today and let’s discuss more details.
Bathroom Renovation Taupo is one of the fields we specialize in. Our experts opt for many creative ideas to make your bathroom a very relaxing place. Whatever ideas you have, we ensure to meet your expectations. Due to our exclusive Bathroom Renovation services, your bathroom will stand out. Whatever design we create, we strive to make it aesthetically pleasing and functional. Besides, bathroom, we can also help you create an inspiring kitchen. Just contact us if you need a unique Kitchen Renovation Taupo and we guarantee to do our best. Our designers are always here to help you and bring your new kitchen design to life! So whenever you decide to improve your kitchen and increase its functionality, just get in touch with us. We ensure to build budget-friendly, beautiful, and fuss-free kitchen renovation Taupo. So what are you thinking of? Let us help you make your house more comfortable and inspiring.

Coordination of subcontractors is a critical element in making sure a project is successful especially when we are opening something up or you are living in the building. Our team has the experience to make sure that job coordination is as seamless as possible. We are constantly working on fostering good relationships with the subcontractors we work with. By being intentional about this we have built trust with these people and can back what they do and recommend them as a preferred contractor for your project with full confidence that they will deliver!
Renovations are very different to a new build. A good problem-solving skill set is essential. There are many challenges that present themselves along the way and a solution based orientation is required particularly when tying in with existing elements of a home. Experience goes a long way here and our skilled team enjoy the challenge of coming up with the best solution in any given situation.

Renovations are all about tying into existing elements of a building seamlessly so that it looks as though it has always been that way. You can have confidence that we will always be recommending the best way to achieve this and presenting you with your different options depending on your budget.
We understand that in many situations you will need to stay living in your home during renovations. We respect the stress that this can add to a household! We have strong values around customer experience which we believe put us ahead of the pack when it comes to working in your home. We are very conscientious about having a tidy site and leaving a tidy site at the end of every single day. This becomes very important when people are living in the house. Health and safety is also of paramount importance. We have a working relationship with hazard co which ensures that health and safety is at the forefront of our mind at all times!
We are licensed building practitioners. This means we are allowed to carry out any restricted building work that may need to be done. We can also let you know whether your project requires building consent or not. Depending on what is involved you may or may not need building consent.